Boards & Committees

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In addition to Committee of the Whole, Regular Council and Special Council meetings, members of Council participate on a number of Boards and Committees throughout their term of Council as elected representatives for the Town of Fort Frances.  While some boards / committees are community based, others are operated under the authority of various Acts as directed by provincial legislation.

There are four standing committees of Council, which provide input and make recommendations to Council on issues within their areas of responsibility.  Three members of Council are appointed to serve the following standing committees for a two year term (December 1, 2016 to November 30, 2018).

  • Administration & Finance Executive Committee (Councillors Brunetta, Ryan, Perry)
  • Operations & Facilities Executive Committee (Councillors Ryan, Caul, Perry)
  • Community Services Executive Committee (Councillors Kitowski, Albanese, Brunetta)
  • Planning & Development Executive Committee (Councillors Caul, Kitowski, Albanese)

Numerous other community based boards / committees also have Council representatives appointed as follows:

  • Citizen of the Year Committee (Councillors Brunetta, Ryan)
  • Court of Revision (Councillors Albanese, Kitowski)
  • Economic Development Advisory Committee (Councillor Perry)
  • Regional Economic Development Committee (Councillor Perry)
  • Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce (Councillor Brunetta)
  • First Nations Relations Advisory Committee (Mayor Avis, Councillors Ryan, Perry)
  • Diversity Committee (Councillor Caul)
  • Sister Betty Kennedy Centre Board of Management (Councillors Kitowski, Caul)
  • Town of Fort Frances Police Services Board (Councillor Albanese)
  • Moffat Family Fund Steering Committee (Councillors Caul, Ryan, Albanese)
  • Northwestern Health Unit (Councillor Ryan)
  • Fort Frances Volunteer Bureau (Councillor Albanese)
  • Rainy River District Municipal Association Executive (Councillor Perry)
  • Street Lighting Inspection Committee (Councillor Ryan)
  • Negotiating Committee – CUPE Local 65 (Mayor Avis, Councillors Brunetta, Ryan)
  • Negotiating Committee – FF Professional Firefighters Association (Mayor Avis, Councillors Brunetta, Ryan, Kitowski)
  • St. Francis Sports Field Management Committee (Councillor Albanese)
  • Theatre Management Advisory Committee (Councillor Caul)
  • Fort Frances Public Library Board (Councillors Caul, Perry)
  • Business Improvement Area Board of Management (Councillor Albanese)
  • Salary Structure and Administration Practices Committee (Mayor Avis, Councillor Ryan)
  • Municipal Control Group (Mayor Avis – Alternate Councillor Ryan)
  • Fort Frances Municipal Non-Profit Housing Corporation (Councillors Brunetta, Kitowski)
  • Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board (Councillor Perry)
  • Doctor Recruitment and Retention Committee (Councillors Kitowski, Brunetta)
  • Fort Frances Community Clinic (Councillor Albanese)
  • Assisted Living Action Group (Councillor Caul)
  • Fun in the Sun – July 1st Committee (Councillors Perry, Caul)
  • Museum Advisory Committee (Councillor Ryan)
  • Sunny Cove Camp Advisory Committee (Councillors Ryan, Albanese)

Mayor Avis is an ex-officio member of all Town boards, Commissions and committees.

Citizen Appointments:

Public participation on Boards / Committees is highly valued and vacancies are advertised by the Clerk’s Office.  Residents of Fort Frances who wish to make application for available appointments will be required to complete the application form and submit it to the Clerk’s Office.  All appointments are made by resolution at a Council meeting.

At the October 24, 2016 Regular Council meeting, Council passed and enacted by-law 53/16, being a by-law to establish specific Boards / Committees of Council.  This completes the Strategic Plan Initiaitve Item #36. 

To view a copy of the consolidated version of By-law 53/16 (click here).  The application form is the last two pages of the by-law or can be downloaded and printed separately by clicking here.


Any questions with regards to the various boards and committees or citizen appointment should be directed to the Clerk’s Office.