Below is a comprehensive contact listing for Town of Fort Frances employees,sorted by division.

*Note: All phone numbers are within the (807) Area Code, unless specified otherwise.

Administration & Finance Division

Hours of Operation

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Function Name Direct # Ext. #
Accounts Payable Clerk Roy, Patti 1223
CAO, Chief Administrative Officer Brown, Doug 1213
Captain of Apparatus and Equipment Dave Crichton 274-9841 1
Captain of Fire Prevention and Education Riches, Wayne 274-9841 4
Captain of Training Rob Dokuchie 274-9841 2
Cashier Kellar, Wendy 1211
Clerk Slomke, Lisa 1215
Deputy Clerk Lawson, Kathy 1212
Deputy Treasurer Galusha, Dawn 1224
Fire Chief/CEMC Moffitt, Tyler 274-9841 1250
Human Resources Coordinator Jordan Forbes 1220
Information Technology Manager Shane Freamo 1219
Information, Licensing Treflin, Kathy 1210
Mayor Avis, Roy 1214
Payroll Clerk Lundy, Dawn 1221
Provincial Offences Act Coordinator Lisa Sheppard 274-1676 1229
Public Utility Clerk Woods, Kelly 1227
Tax Administrator Hatch, Heather 1228
Treasurer Lindberg, Laurie 1225
Utility Billing Clerk Yellowega, Cara 1231