Children's Complex

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The Fort Frances Children's Complex is a licensed integrated centre providing a warm and loving atmosphere to help all children grow together. Children learn through play experiences. The children are encouraged to choose their own activities and to use them to their fullest benefit with the guidance of the Daycare staff. We provide indoor and outdoor unstructured time where equipment lends itself to the child's learning process. The staff provides planned experiences in art, storytime, circle time, dramatic play, music, science, baking activities, special events and field trips. The Children's Complex employs Early Childhood Educators (ECE Diploma or equivalent), who provide a loving, caring, stimulating and learning environment for all children.

A typical day is spent...

Playing and learning respect, responsibility, and sharing
Coping in and out of one's peer group
Developing creativity
Developing a positive feeling about one's self.
Each day a nutritional noon meal and morning and afternoon snacks are served to the children.

Children's Complex Programs

  • Toddlers - 18 months to 30 months, can take 4 children at 12 months  (20 spaces)
  • Preschoolers - 30 months to 3.8 years (24 spaces)
  • School Age - 3.8 years to 12 years
    • St. Michael's (28 spaces)
    • Robert Moore (28 spaces)
    • JW Walker (28 spaces)

Child to Staff Ratio

  • 5 : 1 - Toddlers
  • 8 : 1 - Preschool
  • Varies according to age - School-aged children


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