2024 Proclamations

Request a Proclamation

Proclamations are ceremonial documents issued and signed by the Mayor on behalf of the Town of Fort Frances Council that officially recognizes public awareness campaigns, charitable fundraising campaigns, and arts and cultural celebrations of organizations that reside/operate with the Town of Fort Frances. For more information, please see Administration and Finance 1.10 - Flag Raising and Proclamations Policy.

To meet the eligibility criteria, proclamation requests must be submitted to the Municipal Clerk and:

  • Be submitted by an organization that is a recognized charity with offices located in the Town of Fort Frances or by a community group based within the Town;
  • Will be issued only in respect of activities that support residents of the Town of Fort Frances or related events taking place in Town;
  • Must demonstrate respect and tolerance for all Fort Frances residents;
  • Must foster a sense of community;
  • Support public awareness campaigns or honour special achievements of individuals, institutions, or organizations.

Please also note the following when requesting a proclamation:

  • All proclamations are subject to approval by the Office of the Mayor;
  • An organization may request only one proclamation per year;
  • Applications must be received at least three weeks in advance and must be requested each year;
  • Organizations do not have exclusive rights to the day, week or month being proclaimed.

Application process for proclamations are as follows:

  1. ​Requests for proclamations must be submitted online via the Town's website at least three weeks in advance of an event. All requests must include the proposed wording of the proclamation and any supporting information.
  2. The Mayor's office will review all requests in consultation with appropriate staff or departments, and if required make any appropriate amendments to the wording of the proclamation which improves the structure and or intent of the requested proclamation.
  3. Upon approval of the Mayor, proclamations will be issued by the Mayor, copied to all Members of Council, and placed on the Town's website and social media platforms.
  4. The Office of the Mayor will provide one copy of the signed proclamation to the applicant.
  5. Notification to the media and advertising is the sole responsibility of the applicant.