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For more information, contact the Fort Frances Fire & Rescue Service at (807) 274-9841.


Fort Frances Fire & Rescue Overview


"A community with boundless opportunities"



Our Fire & Rescue Service Core Values

PROFESSIONALISM: The Fort Frances Fire & Rescue Service demands the highest standards of excellence, integrity, commitment, and dedication from all its employees. As professionals, we must treat all others with respect and dignity. The public and taxpayers deserve nothing less.

INTEGRITY: The Fort Frances Fire & Rescue Service is entrusted with protecting the public and enforcing fire and other related codes. Each member has a personal responsibility to demonstrate the highest ethical standards to inspire confidence and trust in each other and in the public, we serve.

RESPECT: Each member of our fire and rescue service should be treated with consideration and respect. Personnel must be free to contribute fully to this fire and rescue service without any fear or disrespect. All employees must respect the dignity and rights of co-workers and the public they serve.

ACCOUNTABILITY: In carrying out our mission, and objectives ... all employees must hold themselves accountable to the public, taxpayers and personally for their actions.

PARTNERSHIP: The Fort Frances Fire & Rescue Service recognizes that its success requires a diverse, coordinated team committed to the highest standards of trust, hard work, co-operation, and communication working together with external stakeholders to achieve common goals.

INNOVATION: The Fort Frances Fire & Rescue Service Team strives to work creatively, proactively, and effectively in providing services to the public. We are committed to finding flexible, efficient, and innovative approaches to providing fire safety.



The Fort Frances Fire and Rescue Service is committed to the protection of lives, property, the environment, and the economy in the Town of Fort Frances through Fire Prevention, Public Education, and Emergency Response, utilizing available resources in an efficient and effective manner.



  • Aim for the highest professional standards in service delivery and internal management.
  • Develop a comprehensive life and property protection service with continuous review to identify the municipality's changing fire service requirements.
  • Promote the coordinated effort of all staff and resources in the fires service to ensure the effectiveness of our fire and public safety mission.
  • Maintain a comprehensive training program to adequately educate personnel in the latest knowledge and techniques in performing their duties.
  • Develop and maintain good working relations with all federal, provincial, district, and municipal departments, utilities and agencies.
  • Prepare maintenance programs to ensure the preparedness of all equipment required in the delivery of fire and public safety.
  • Maintain a comprehensive fire prevention and public education program to ensure community needs are met.

Fireworks By-Law

Fort Frances Fire & Rescue Services
320 Portage Avenue
Fort Frances, ON
P9A 3P9

Phone: (807) 274-9841
Fax: (807) 274-9595

Tyler Moffitt, Fire Chief/CEMC
(807) 274 9841 ext. 3