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We are a border town; we are at the beginning of everything. We have always been the industrial capital of Northwest Ontario, and we will strengthen that role. We always were more than a mill town and we will be so much more than a mining town – aided by the lowest cost power and the most affordable industrial land in Ontario. We are the diversified industrial heartbeat of forestry, mining, agriculture, and tourism.

We live in a time of revived spirit of entrepreneurialism. We are hands on….we make things forged from the land, and from determination of spirit.  We are Do It Yourself. We are also more…. We are the Great Canadian Experience. When nature calls, we answer – inspired by blue lakes, rocky shores and the outdoors in all four seasons. We are resilient, tough and proud. We are Fort Frances Strong. We are BOUNDLESS


What’s Happening in Fort Frances

  • 2018 Surplus Assets Sale - NEW SALE DEADLINE!

    click here for the list of Town Assets for Sale

    Only bid sheets marked 'NEW SALE DEADLINE' will be accepted.

  • Collections (Accounts Receivable, Tax, Water & Sewer)- Policy 1.9

    The Collections policy states that the Town of Fort Frances credits a payment to your account on the day it is received by our office (over-the-counter, drop box, mail or deposited into our bank account) by the end of the business day being 4:30 p.m. during the months of January to June and September to December and 4:00 p.m. during the summer months of July and August.
    It is important for those paying online or at the bank to allow time for the bank to process their payment and for the money to be received in the Town’s bank account.

  • Special Meeting of Committee of the Whole of Council

    A special meeting of Committee of the Whole of Council is scheduled for 4:00 pm on Monday September 24, 2018 in the Committee Room at the Civic Centre.

    At this meeting Council will further discuss potential litigation matters surrounding Agency One, therefore the majority of the meeting will be held in camera.

    The agenda will be posted on this website.

  • The Town's Vision for the Point Park

    Over the last number of years, the Town has been involved as a defendant in a lawsuit brought by the First Nation Communities of Couchiching, Mitaanjigaming, Naicatchewenin, and Nigigoonsiminikaaning in which they claim ownership of the Point Park.

    The Town appreciates the benefits of working together with the First Nations to resolve this matter outside of the courts, and continues to believe that shared ownership of the Point Park, everyone having an equal share, is the best way forward.