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Indigenous Veterans of Treaty 3

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In our main floor gallery...

Fibre Content

During February & March, we bring you Fibre Content, a traveling exhibition on loan through the collaborative effort of numerous organizations and artists from southern Ontario who love and support the creative use of textiles. These are incredible examples of textile art. Included in the exhibit is an interactive component that allows visitors to touch -- not something usually allowed with fibre art. 

Upstairs we display local pieces submitted through our Fibre Arts Festival. Both exhibits run until March 31st. Like the work in Fibre Content, these are a must see!

We thank our judges: Cher Pruys, Phyllis Johnson and Pattie Anderson for making the difficult choices for awarding 1st and 2nd place in each category. For Best Original Design, winners are Jamie Nelson for Off-Season Reindeer Games, and Carol Hyatt for Tianna's Sweater. For Best Pattern Piece, winners are Debbie Ballard for By the Lamp's Glow, and Kim Roy for her table runner. For Best Use of Materials, winners are Caren Fagerdahl for the Mitten, and Camie Gray for Lady in Red. Congratulations to all winners. Submissions are of amazing quality and skill. Thank you to everyone who participated.

We invite you to our Open House on Wed Feb 13, 1-3 p.m. to celebrate Fibre Art! Tea & Dainties will be served. All welcome.


From April through June, we are focusing on Climate Change with an exhibit, a number of informational seminars, and more. 

Taking Back Our Natural World

Are you artistic? Creative perhaps? We invite you to submit artwork around the impact of climate change. Pieces could be as simple as a collage of photos that shows garbage washing up on Rainy Lake, or a sculpture made of one-serving-only fast-food containers. Be creative! There will be prizes! If you need inspiration, look online under 'artwork that highlights climate change'. You'll be blown away! Submission deadline for entries is April 2nd. Criteria is attached.

Also watch for upcoming workshops and information sessions from presenters on some of these very important topics. There are those from our broader community that can answer our questions and provide suggestions on how to lessen our impact on our natural world. 

Look under our events page for information on SnOasis, coming up Sat Mar 2, 12 - 2 p.m. at the Rainy Lake Square. FREE!!


'Rainy River Valley: Beginnings'

Please be sure to get your copy of 'Rainy River Valley: Beginnings', featuring the work of photographer, William Hampden Tener, who resided here in the late 1890s and early 1900s. Researched and organized by historian and author, Merv Ahrens, the book is an invaluable collection of images from our past, particularly as it portrays our community at work and play. The book is available at the Museum and Betty's of Fort Frances for $25. 


Strategic Plan


With the assistance of Sandra Brunetta, we are gathering the personal histories of our residents. If you would like to help out, the form is below. This should be used as a guide only as each person is different. Once collected, we hope you will leave a copy with the museum. Thank you.

Interview form


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