The Town's Vision for the Point Park

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Over the last number of years, the Town has been involved as a defendant in a lawsuit brought by the First Nation Communities of Couchiching, Mitaanjigaming, Naicatchewenin, and Nigigoonsiminikaaning in which they claim ownership of the Point Park.

The Town appreciates the benefits of working together with the First Nations to resolve this matter outside of the courts, and continues to believe that shared ownership of the Point Park, everyone having an equal share, is the best way forward.

Ownership does not have to be an all or nothing scenario. We can all work together, alongside each other, to own and operate the Park. Our collective efforts could achieve great things and continue to preserve the beautiful area for all communities and visitors to enjoy.

The Town believes that, along with our First Nation neighbours, this could be a beneficial partnership and the relationships among our communities could be enriched.


Authorized by the Town of Fort Frances,

September 10, 2018



2014 02 19 ~ CV-98-0910 Couchiching FN et al v Canada (AG) et al Judgement

2018 08 24 ~ CV-98-0910 Couchiching FN et al v Canada (AG) et al Reasons on Costs

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