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Fitness Classes

Spring Aquatic & Land Fitness Classes

Fitness Consultations/Orientations / Personal Training


New to Fitness?

Schedule a fitness or weight room orientation to become familiar with our fitness areas and fitness programs. Let us help you develop a plan to meet your health and fitness goals - whether it's nutritional guidance, weight management or teaching you how to properly and safely use the equipment. Weight room orientations will get a general overview of how to use the equipment safely and properly. Learn how many repetitions, sets, and weight to use leaving you with a basic program and all the knowledge you need for your first workout!
Weight room orientations for teens 13 years old are also available by appointment.

Free for Annual Members

Personal training is available.

Fitness Class Descriptions


Is an excellent cross training activity with little or no impact. It is as taxing to the muscles and cardiovascular system as land based aerobics class from a calorie expenditure point of view. It provides balanced training of muscles which reduces the chance of injury. In the water, the harder work, the more resistance you feel.
Instructor: varies.

Aqua Lite

30 minute instructor lead, 10:00-10:30, followed by 15 minute personal stretch or laps, 10:30-10:45.
Instructor: varies.


Function, Intensity, Tension, Totality. Sometimes we need more than a workout! It's time to TRAIN - join us as we gain strength, increase mobility and reduce pain by learning your individual form and proper movement patterns.
This intermediate/advanced class is your classroom, offering you education alongside an effective workout! Starting with your own bodyweight the weeks progress to add more stimuli with weights, steppers, bands, Tabata, circuits and individual exercises. This creates a perfect environment to gain confidence and supportive knowledge to truly learn to create your own sustainable health and fitness outcomes. Welcome to the F.I.T.T. life.
Instructor: Ian McKay


High-Intensity, Interval, Traning. An intense class comprised of bodyweight exercise and cardio. Encouraged to push each move to your maximum effort, you should feel completely wiped at the end of this class. Instructor: Erika Moffitt Lunch Yoga - Lunchtime yoga will provide you with all the benefits of yoga leaving you feeling refreshed and strong for the afternoon. All fitness levels welcome.
Instructor: Debbie Murray


Our Yogafit classes blend balance, strength, flexibility and power as you flow through the postures to the upbeat music. All fitness levels welcome.
Instructor: Debbie Murray