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Pool Policy

March Break Schedule

Spring Pool Schedule

Children should be accompanied by a participating individual 16 years of age or older to a maximum of 2 children. Unaccompanied children must be seven years of age or older, and meet the height requirement (four ft.) or be able to swim two widths of the pool.

Why do children under the age of seven need to be accompanied by an adult?
This policy is for the safety of the children and was a recommendation from Parks and Recreation of Ontario.

How will the facility check ages?
The age will be checked at the desk and identification will be asked for. Photocopies will be accepted.

How will the facility check height?
There will be a mark at the front desk that will indicate the height restriction.

If children are seven years of age and do not meet the height requirements, what will happen?
They will be tested in the pool, but if unable to swim the two widths, they will be asked to leave.

Will any exception be made?
There will be no exceptions made for any reason or level of swimming.

Does participating individual need to be in the water?
The participating individual 16 years of age or older must be in the water with the children.

How many children can each supervisor bring?
Each Supervisor may bring only 2 children into the water.

Swimming Lessons

Spring Swimming Lessons

Did your child turn 6 and now going to the swim kids program?
The following is where they would be placed.

Sea Otter completed or incompleted Kids 1
Salamander completed or incompleted Kids 1
Sunfish incompleted Kids 1
Sunfish completed Kids 2
Crocodile incomplete Kids 2
Crocodile complete  Kids 3
Whale incompleted Kids 3
Whale completed Kids 4