Waste Management

Garbage Collection

The Town of Fort Frances contracts out the refuse and recycling collection to Asselin Transportation and Storage Limited.

Collection Areas Map


Collection Schedules 2019 - 2020

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Garbage Collection Reminders:

  • Residents are reminded that garbage must be put out no later than 8:00 a.m. of the scheduled day of pickup.
  • Garbage must be in an approved containers.
  • Only one Type "A" container or receptacle, without a tag, will be picked up. Bag tags should be affixed to either the contents in the type "A" container, so that it is clearly visible once the container lid is removed, or attached around the neck of the receptacle.
  • No waste is allowed to overflow the top of a type "A" container .
  • All excess containers (without bag tags) will be left behind.
  • Incidents of non-compliance with the requirements will be forwarded to the By-Law Enforcement Department for appropriate action.
  • Bag Tags can be purchased from the following locations: Civic Centre, Safeway, The Place, Walmart, Memorial Sports Centre, and the Sorting Gap Marina.

Waste Collection Regulations By-Law 10/04 (PDF)


Collection Areas Map

  • Blue boxes are no longer sold by the Town of Fort Frances.
  • Composters can still be purchased for $43.20 at Public Works, Civic Centre, and the Memorial Sportsplex.
  • Rain barrels can be purchased for $65.00; Payment will be collected at the Civic Centre and barrels can then be picked up at the Public Works office, located at 900 Wright Avenue, during regular business hours.


Clear/blue- coloured plastic recycle bags are to be used for shredded paper ONLY. If they are being used for other items, your recycling will not be picked up.

Did you know that some businesses, in Fort Frances, collect plastic bags, at their stores, to be recycled? Currently, the following businesses offer this option:

  • Safeway
  • Walmart

If you know of any other places that collect plastic bags, please contact us with their information at 274-9893.

Recycling Strategy - Final Report (PDF)
Recycling Dos and Don'ts (PDF)
Glass Recycling