Water & Sewer

Water Treatment Plant

Hours of Operation

7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m (Monday - Friday)
Closed (Saturday & Sunday)

NOTE: Operators are on stand-by for routine inspections and emergency situations.

The Fort Frances Water Treatment Plant is located at 901 Colonization Road East, is classed as a Sub-System Class 3 (Certificate of Approval #9828-5VZSEK), and there are three classified water operators that work out of the Water Treatment Plant. Tours may be scheduled by calling the Water Treatment Plant at 807-274-2325.

Daily average: 5,550.99 cu. metres or 1.22 million gallons.
Maximum design flow: 17, 000 cu. metres per day (thus plant operating at approximately 33%).

For further information please contact Craig Miller, Environmental Superintendent at 807-274-9893.

Water Distribution System

The Town of Fort Frances operates and maintains two drinking water systems:

  1. The Town of Fort Frances main drinking water system - DWS #220000978
  2. The Airport Terminal Building - Groundwater Well - DWS #26002736.

Both systems are maintained and operated in accordance with the Safe Drinking Water Act and Ministry of Environment's applicable regulations and are operated and maintained by two certified operators.

  • July 1, 2003 - New Ontario Regulation 170/03 replaced Ontario Regulation 459/00
  • August 1, 2000 (Walkerton Disaster)


Size: 100 - 630 mm
Age: 1912 - 2019 (installation date)
Material: AC, PVC, DI, CI, POLY
Approximate Length: 72 km
Hydrants: 368 town owned, 48 private
Valves: 709

Private Fire Hydrant

A fire hydrant that has a dedicated purpose for the building or private property in question and can be located on private or public property.

For the purpose of this definition a private fire hydrant shall be deemed to include any form of private standpipe system or fire department connection as defined in Section 3.2.516 of the Ontario Building Code.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Hours of Operation

7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (Monday - Sunday)

The Waste Water Treatment Plant (also known as the Sewage Treatment Plant) and Six Sewage Pumping Stations are operated and maintained by Ontario Clean Water Agency and is located at 200 McIrvine Road. The Ministry of the Environment classifies the plant as a 'Class 3 Wastewater Treatment Facility'. MOE Certificate of Approval #3-0049-96-006 outlines the terms and conditions on how the plant is maintained and operated.

Fifth Street Lift Station
1330 Fifth Street East

White Pine Lift Station
780 Scott Street

Central Avenue Lift Station
712 Central Avenue

Church Street Lift Station
1107 Church Street

Boundary Road Lift Station
1713 Colonization Road West

Patcin Avenue Lift Station
936 Kaitlyn Drive

Waste Water Collection System

Size: 100-900mm
Age: 1912 - 2019 (installation date)
Material: AC, CLP, CONP, POLY, PVC
Approximately 58.5 km



Ontario Reg. 170/03 (Safe Drinking Water Act) Water Treatment Plant
Annual Summary Report (Schedule 22

 DWQMS Operational Plan

Sunny Cove

Ontario Reg. 170/03 (Safe Drinking Water Act)

Current By-law

Water By-law


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