Asset Management

An Asset Management Plan serves as a strategic, tactical and financial document, ensuring the management of municipal infrastructure while following sound asset management practices and principles and optimizing available resources and establishing levels of service.

An Asset Management Plan includes components such as Capital Planning, Environmental Stewardship, Energy Management, Emerging Technologies and Fleet & Building Management.

Infrastructure in the Town of Fort Frances continues to age, while the residents expect better roads, bridges, sidewalks, signals and improved sewer / water systems.  The attached Asset Management Plan provides an overview of the fundamentals based on best management practices found in Ontario and Canada.

Asset Management Plan 2018 (adopted July 8, 2019)

Asset Management Plan (adopted by Council May 26, 2014)

Asset Management Policy 4.28 (adopted by Council May 2017, revised June 2019)

Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan (adopted by Council June 2020)