Finance & Taxes

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The Finance Department for the Town of Fort Frances is responsible for handling the financial affairs of the Town and ensuring the overall financial well being of the Town of Fort Frances.  To achieve these goals, the Finance department operates within a variety of policies and procedures which adhere to the requirements of the Federal and Provincial governments and Council of the Town of Fort Frances.

The Finance Department provides the following services:

  • budget preparation, coordination and review
  • property tax billing and collection, including tax registrations
  • utility billing and collection
  • general accounts receivables, billing and collection
  • centralized payroll and accounts payable
  • supervision of accounting and internal control for all departments
  • financial reporting and report preparation for upper levels of Government as well as internal financial reporting as required
  • coordination of all audit functions
  • custodian of all financial assets of the Corporation

You can pay your monthly utility bills or your taxes at your local bank, over the phone or internet, or by cheque.

To contact our Finance Staff, please see the Directory.

Sale of Land by Public Tender

Take notice that tenders are invited for the purchase of the lands described below and will be received until 3:00 pm CST on June 5 2019 at the Town of Fort Frances Civic Centre.

Description of Lands:  555 Scott Street, 406 Crowe Avenue, 408 Crowe Avenue 

Tenders will be opened in public on the same day as soon as possible after 3:00 pm at the Town of Fort Frances Civic Centre.

Click here to print the Tender Package.

Click here to print the Tax Sale Envelope.

Pre-Authorized Payment Forms

Town of Fort Frances Pre-Authorized Payment Form
Cancellation Notice for Pre-Authorized Payment Form
Memorial Sports Centre Pre-Authorized Payment Form
Memorial Sports Centre Renewal Application Form


The budget process includes both operating and capital budgets for the Town of Fort Frances.  Parameters are set by Council, and all recommended projects are evaluated by management and Executive Committees before the final budget is approved.

2019 Budget Presentation at Public Meeting on May 13, 2019


Financial Statements

2017 Financial Statement
2016 Financial Statement 
2015 Financial Statement
2014 Financial Statement
2013 Financial Statement 
2012 Financial Statement
2011 Financial Statement
2010 Financial Statement
2009 Financial Statement